Multiple species and biological samples, unique targets

CUSABIO has more than 4000 kits of various targets in total. Our kits cover more than 30 species with broad research areas, and they are validated in multiple biological samples:
serum, plasma, body fluids, such as urine, cell culture supernatant, cell/ tissue lysate, tear, breast milk, saliva, etc.
Some of our kits are unique and we could provide One-stop shopping if you need various targets. In this way you could save your time to search kits here and there.

Cited in more than 8000 References

CUSABIO ELSA kits are cited in more than 8000 publications in well-known magazines such as Nature, PLOS One, JASN, Bio-Factors, Scientific Reports, APS and so on. Our quality is widely recognized by customers all around the world. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality when you want to try a new kit.

24T trial size available

CUSABIO now provides 24T trial size for all ELISA kits except food safety ELISA kits. Only one 24T trial size kit can be applied for each product for single customer. No quantity limit for products you can apply. 24T trial size is only USD$150/kit with free shipping.

* The sample kit cost can be deducted from your subsequent orders of 96T full size kits of the same analyte at 1/5 per kit, until depleted in 6 months, which means if you order one 96T kit, you could save $30. If you order 5*96T kits, you could save $150!

When you hesitated to choose a suitable elisa kit for your project,

When you are wondering if the elisa kit works for your sample or not,

When you are worried that your precious samples, time, and money may be wasted if the kits don’t work well, pls try our 24T sample size.

Complete and Strict QC process

Cusabio strict manufacturing and quality control standards allow us to offer the highest levels of performance and consistency with each Elisa kit you run. CUSABIO Elisa kits provide our customers with the linearity range, linearity, Lower Limit of Detection, precision, recovery, stability, and natural samples detection that they expect due to strict validation testing. 

Here is our QC process. So, you could be rest assured about our quality:

Double quality control: Each kit and each production step are inspected by two people.

Cross quality control: Two people inspect each kit and each production step alternately.

Multiple quality control: Semi-finished product inspection, finished product inspection, delivery inspection.

ELISA kit FAQs available

There is much useful information about elisa kits available on our website, such as how to choose a right elisa kit, how to do a pre-test before the formal test, how to analyse the elisa data, how to solve the problems when you have trouble in elisa test, etc.. You could find all information here: So you don’t need to take time to search information on the Internet here and there when you have questions about elisa.

100% Risk-free Performance Guarantee

CUSABIO provides the best ELISA kits. All the products are carefully validated under strict QC standards to ensure good performance. If the product does not perform as promised in the manual, just contact us before expiration date for technical support, replacement, or refund. We could reply to you in 24 working hours to solve your problem.

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